IROC Racing

Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

IROC (International Race of Champions)
For those of you who don’t follow any kind of racing here’s a brief summary of what IROC Racing is...

IROC is kind of like an All-Star race where some of the world’s best drivers compete for the honor of being named IROC Champion.

According to, the premise, conceived in 1973, is amazingly simple yet effective: Take 12 of the world’s top drivers, from different types of racing, put them in identically prepared IROC race cars, give them a set of rules which virtually eliminates the variables usually associated with racing (no pit stops, no qualifying, no driver set-up of the cars, etc.) and wave a green flag at them.

Tonight is Race #3 of this year’s IROC race. And those NASCAR boys thought there road racing was over until Watkins Glen. It will be interesting to see an IROC road Race at Daytona. I am hoping Tony can make it two in a row in IROC races. He won Race #2 at Texas in April. I was fortunate to be at THAT race and let me tell you it was quite a race. POSTMAN was none too thrilled that Tony won (he’s a Mark Martin fan), but I didn’t care. It was some good racing that night in April. Tony wasn’t going to climb the fence, but how can he resist with all those Texans cheering him on. Thanks Tony!

Steve Kinser (#11)
Hopefully Steve Kinser will not end up as a “passenger” for this race. He has crashed out in both of the first two races. Hey Steve—the wheels go on the pavement.

Kinser’s view Race 1-DAYTONA

Kinser’s view Race 2-TEXAS

Take isn’t bad here, doesn’t look too awful bad, but then he decided to take a couple of flips and amazing enough landed right side up unlike the result as pictured above.

Race 1 Winner…Matt Kenseth
Race 2 Winner…Tony Stewart Race
3 Winner…???? (We will find out tonight.)

IROC Standings through two races
1. Matt Kenseth (NEXTEL Cup)
2. Tony Stewart (NEXTEL Cup) (2005 NEXTEL Cup Champion)
3. Ryan Newman (NEXTEL Cup)
4. Martin Truex Jr. (NEXTEL Cup)
5. Frank Kimmel (ARCA Re/Max Series)
6. Mark Martin (NEXTEL Cup)
7. Sam Hornish Jr. (IRL IndyCar Series) (2006 Indy 500 Winner)
8. Wayne Taylor/Max Angelelli (Grand American Road Racing Series)
9. Max Papis (Grand American Road Racing Series)
10. Scott Sharp (IRL IndyCar Series)
1. Steve Kinser
12. Ted Musgrave

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