Nothin’ But The Taillights

Go fast…turn left and right (IROC version)…don’t crash!

That’s two baby…count ’em…TWO wins in a row for SMOKE!

What a way to bounce back from last week’s road race woes. drove away from the competition on lap 4 and never looked back. It was if he was out for just a Sunday drive. This win put Tony on top in the IROC standings just ahead of fellow NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth (sorry Babs).

There was a little bit of “off road” racing last night for several of the drivers. Steve Kinser had some problems, but hd did remina right side up and finished the race a lap down. There were a few “meet and greets” on the track and that was me screaming obscenities late in the race when Matt and Mark decided to go synchronized spinning.. It looked lit is just onf the lose log jame things that happened. And I felt sorry for Martin Truex Jr–he slid of the track and into a wall of tires. I don’t know if thsoe watching the race saw that goober taking pictures of him…but I don’t think that’s how Truex wanted his picture taken. All in all it wasn’t a bad race.

It was strange to see the IROC cars with headlights and taillights. The commentators were discussing how the IROC people had to take the cars and modify them in order to race last night. Plus now they have to remove the modifications and get them ready for the last race in Atlanta. Props go out to these people.

I would LOVE to see Tony add an IROC championship to his list of accomplishments. I do ilke the idea of IROC on dirt. Of course we all know who would probably win that race. My only gripe about last night…well two…I wanted to see Tony climb the fence (he didn’t) and there was no coverage of the celebration in Victory Lane. Speed interviewed him sitting in his car which was great, but come on people. I know it was late, but I stayed up past my bed time to see Mr. Stewart celebrate in Victory Lane!!!!
According to this article (6/15/2006), there are 10 reasons to love Tony Stewart. Just 10?? I can think of a couple more, but it probably would be a little creepy coming from Mark Zeske who wrote the article (he looks old enough to be my dad). But here they are.
1. He’s fun loving
2. He’s competitive
3. He’s passionate
4. He cares about history and tradition
5. He can see the big picture
6. He’s consistent
7. He’s tough
8. He races whenever and wahtever he can.
9. He doesn’t always shave
10. He takes good care of his mom.

That about sums it up…and I would like to add one more…i think he is downright sexy (sorry Postman–that’s just the way it goes). The picture above is one of my favorites of Tony right now…you can’t go wrong with a guy who works on his car.

Well, next up the Busch race tonight and then we go Saturday night racing–WOO HOO! That’s TWO chances to see Mr. Stewart race and climb that thar fence at Daytona.

Good Luck Boys and Watch that Bump Draftin’! Note to Tony and Matt—let’s play nice boys!

One thought on “Nothin’ But The Taillights

  1. Tony did appear to be out for a Sunday drive, didn’t he? Until they showed the brief bit of Victory Lane and he was still sitting in his car guzzling water and pouring it all over himself. He had a long day yesterday. But he drove awesome.
    They never seem to show much of VL on the IROC race. They don’t schedule enough TV time for the race and so they go over every time. You’d think they’d learn by now that they are going to wreck and allow time for it.
    Yep, Matt… you and Tony better get along this weekend! Trixie and I are watching you boys!

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