Junebug’s Night

Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

Congratulations to Junior!

(Was that Tiredawg doing the happy dance last night??)

This is his first win at Daytona since winning a Busch race “back in the day” on February 16, 2004. He took the lead early in the race and never looked back. He led 88 of the 103 laps. This gave him his 21st Busch victory tying him with Harry Gant and of course, his father Dale Sr for seventh on the all time list. Not bad company Junior. Junior had a tire going down, but luckily there were a few late cautions that helped him. Even with the cautions, he drove away from the field. That was some nice blocking to keep back the rest of field.

After crashing the finish line, Junior breaks his transmission doing a burn out. So he didn’t get to drive the #8 car to Victory Lane.

The race was clean for about 50 or laps…no cautions…and then after the announcers make note of this…BAM…our first big caution. And as we all know cautions breed cautions. Of course there was a little bump drafting last night and Michael Waltrip fell victim to Cousin Carl’s bummper hello. Cousin Carl got served wtih a one lap penalty for agressive driving. Mikey didn’t seem upset, but I think off camera he might have been pretty steamed. I would have. If I was running good and had a chance to compete for the win and then BAM someone else takes me out…definitely would be pissed.

Here are some pics from the carnage last night.

Tony looked good and was moving up through the field, but alas he finished outside the top 10 in 12th place. That’s alright. He will be sitting pretty come Saturday night. And speaking of Saturday night…props go out to Boris Said for winning the Pole for the Pepsi 400. Not bad for someone who is generally considered a road race ringer. Of course, who is next to him on the front row???? MR. TONY STEWART. The NASCAR gods do have a little sense of humor. For those who have forgotton, Boris and Tony had a little meet and greet last week at Sonoma.

Well, on the main event…Daytona under the lights. Hopefully it won’t go into the wee hours of the morning like last year. I would LOVE to see the same result as last year too. A couple of things…Matt and Tony…behave yourselves…both Babs and I will be watching you two. There’s a lot of laps…use your heads and don’t do something stupid early. Finally watch the bumper hellos…NASCAR is watching…just ask Carl.

See ya’ll Saturday night!!!!

2 thoughts on “Junebug’s Night

  1. I think I have crush on Junebug.
    (What an unfortunate, unintended pun)
    Actually, maybe a little…mutual crushing……would be ok…….

    Time to eat more m & m’s !

  2. Great job Jr!!
    It is pretty funny for Boris and Tony to be starting side by side. I’m sure the media is having a field day with that. They seemed to be getting along just fine on pit road waiting for quals to be over. Laughing and joking around. But we never know what will happen when the green flag drops, do we?
    I’ll try channeling into Matt’s brain to keep his cool. hehehe

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