Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

Sometimes pictures speak volumes…
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Saturday night was AWESOME!!! Orange never looked so good!

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday I still have Smoke in my eyes. Tony dominated the field–what else can I say. For awhile the HMS brigade had four cars up near the front, but it was still early. I was going to be throughly digsuted if one of those cars won the race, but I knew in my heart Smoke would not let that happen.

Of course when you go to restrictor place races, there is the big one. I, myself, saw a few little ones–of course when wrecks take out Princess Jimmie and Jeffie Poo–it’s a big wreck. I was a little upset when the last “big one” took out Mark Martin. Postman didn’t see the wreck, but I yelled loudly enough for both of us. Yes–that was me doing the happy dance when Jeff crashed. Of course we all knew when they interviewed Jeff there would be some of his traditional whining…and yep we weren’t disappointed. I was ticked when Jimmie got into Bobby Labonte. I think Bobby is a good racer and deserves to have a decent run, but he has just had some bad luck this year.

I sooooo loved Tony’s fence climbing!! After all he has been through over the past month or so, this was definitely worth it all. And what was he thinking when he dove into the crowd??? That was some crazy stuff! Of course I probably would have been there too with all the other Tony fans! You rock Mr. Stewart.

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I was also excited that Elliott finished in the top ten!!! Elliott needed a run like that. Maybe things are turning around for Elliott–a top ten at the road race and now a top ten at Daytona. I thought he had finished 5th, but after NASCAR looked at the scoring loop when the caution came out it showed Matt K. was 5th and Elliott 6th. Things are looking great for the Candyman. I was hoping Fox would interview Elliot because he did finish in the top ten, but alas they didn’t. But Trackside took care of things for me. I will never be able to hear the words “Ford Fusion” again without thinking of Elliott ( I just love the way he talks!). That smile on his face said it all Saturday night!

Congrats to Matt K for finishing 5th. See, Matt and Tony can play nice at Daytona…of course it does help when they are being watched by Trixie and Babs.

I have to give some major props to Boris Said. He got the pole for the Pepsi 400 and he finished
4th. Not bad my friend! Of course it would have been kind of cool to see you shave all that curly hair off like you promised Dick Berggren.

I do like this picture, but I am a little distrubed by the big Pepsi case sitting Smoke’s car. I am aware it was the Pepsi 400. We all know Tony drinks Coke and he even made a comment to take effect. Yes, I know Pepsi was the sponsor, but ugh!!!!

(Sidebar: For those of you who didn’t know, I have been on this quest to find Orange Powerade with Tony’s picture on the front. I have had no luck the last few weeks. But that has all changed…as of last night (thanks to an awesome friend) I have acquired said Powerade. )
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With this win, Tony moves back up in the standings to 5th. Matt is still behind Princess, but only 8 points behind. Do you see us coming Princess???? With Jeff’s little mishap, it drops him out of the top ten.

On to Chicago and a new broadcast team and channels–TNT and NBC or as I like to call NBC…Nothing But Commericals. I hope Chicago will be Tony’s kind of town.

Good Luck Boys!

4 thoughts on “SMOKE

  1. That was a great race!! It sucked for Martin and Labonte.
    Esad does have a way with the words, “Ford Fussion” doesn’t he? If the car spoke with his voice, I’d buy one!!
    I was more worried about Jeffie and the alien brothers being near Matt than Tony. The media likes to hype all that stuff up, but we knew our boys would be good!
    Have a wonderful 4th!!

  2. Elliott on 7 days tonight….can’t wait.
    I’d buy anything the CANDYMAN is selling !

    Tony Tony Tony remains awesome.
    Glad you got your sports drink.
    Sad for Mark Martin but he’ll race again and fight back.

    Enjoy the holiday!

  3. I was so proud of Tony this week! He did an awesome job! I knew you would be excited for his win.

    Elliott was great!! And I’m sure everyone knows by now how I feel about that accent! Makes me either giggle or swoon, depending on what he’s saying… lol 🙂

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