Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

This weekend was somewhat relaxing for me. Sometimes you need those kind of weekends.

I was able to watch the Pepsi 400 with a NASCAR Newbie. I find it quite amusing to watch a race with someone who doesn’t follow NASCAR. This was my chance to “recruit”. You know we are ALWAYS looking for new members. NASCAR Newbie asked a lot of questions which I don’t mind–that’s how we get ya. I wasn’t alone in my quest to “recruit” Newbie…I had a fellow NASCAR nation, Elliott Fan along side me. Newbie may not have been “recruited” as of yet, but Newbie will come over to the “Dark Side” as Elliott Fan put it. Newbie even purchased Elliott Sadler merchandise for Elliott Fan. Baby steps I say…baby steps!

Newbie–Sorry I couldn’t be of much help during the race trivia portion of the night. Elliott Fan kicked my butt on some of the questions. Also thanks for the Elliott DVD!

2 thoughts on “NASCAR Newbie

  1. Okay, I’m stuck on the last words…”Elliott DVD”. What Elliott DVD?!?! I’m jealous!!!

    I tried to recruit my best friend (Jenny G) to come to the dark side even for a little while during a race last year…and they delayed the start due to rain and ran like 30 laps under caution! She was so horribly bored that I think it turned her off forever…major bummer!

  2. A friend of mine has a DVD recorder. Once she had it TIVOed, she hit some magic button and BOOM…DVD of 7 days with Elliott for me!!!

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