Ford Fusion

Background: I love my Hyndai Santa Fe aka the Beast. Unfortunately I think it has a car jinx. I have had two accidents since purchasing the thing in 2004. The first one…some idiot broadsides me and then doesn’t stop…SOB! This occured about a week before the November 2005 race at Texas. Welcome to 2006–I sideswiped a car–my fault entirely…DAMN blind spot…when do you say…one week before the April 2006 race at Texas. Are you sensing a pattern here? Let’s just say I have been banned by Postman from driving the Santa Fe come October–a week before this year’s November race.

Current: I want a Ford Fusion. One, I will save on gas. I have to feed the Beast once a week which runs about $45-$50. Second, so I can say Ford Fusion like Elliott. I can’t type the way he says it, but for those who are in the know…know what I am talking about. I have also found it would be cheaper than what I am paying for the Beast. Here’s a picture of it–in red….woo hoo!

Why not a Monte Carlo like Tony drives? I mean after all Tony is my #1 man. I don’t like the Monte Carlo model. I have seen several around Raiderland and I just don’t like them. I am trying to save money too..they are a little more $$$…might as well keep the Beast. Of course, if I could find a Home Deport orange one with the #20 on it and my own personal driver, I might could be persuaded to purchase one.

3 thoughts on “Ford Fusion

  1. The “Fawd Fewzyun” gets my vote!
    I know about such choices from experience. I drive the “Official Car of the PGA Tour” because of Tiger Woods. SMILE Can you say big, gas guzzling Buick ? I really like it. Go figure on that power of suggestion.

    Deliriously Happy to Have Such a Wonderful and Thoughtful Friend,


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