Jeff and Elliott

Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

Lookie there…Jeff Burton on the pole for Sunday’s race. That’s number two for Mr. Burton.

I turned over tonight to watch Mr. Sadler on Trackside tonight and to my surprise he wasn’t there…of course, he was doing the real job…practicing his Busch car. I did get to see a little of his appearance, but had to jet with Postman for some grub. However, I did Tivo it so I can watch it later without commercials.

2 thoughts on “Jeff and Elliott

  1. Yep, Esad had a loose car for cup quals that mucked up his run, but he sounded really happy about the car for race runs.
    Hope it’s a good race today and tomorrow for our guys!!

  2. Tackside was great…it was great meeting you last weekend and I’m glad we could team up on the “nascar newbie”.

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