Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

WTF!!!!! That driver INTENTIONALLY knocked out Matt!

That driver didn’t have the car to beat Matt and that driver knew his teammate princess was going to lose the points lead. That driver sucks!!!!

More on the race later after I have CALMED down!

One thought on “WTF

  1. It was horrible !!!!!!!!
    Queen Jeffie blatantly wrecked Matt Kenseth. The win ahould be disallowed.
    What’s Up with NASCAR ?
    Are they “Gonna Catch Him Drivin’ Dirty” or what ?
    Bad Bad Bad……….
    I am sad. Elliott regressed.
    At least he sounded proactive on the radio. He never quit.
    Queen Jeffie might need to borrow Reed Sorenson’s” TARGET for his back…….
    Sorry Tony Tony Tony ran out of gas.

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