Lubbock’s Finest and Not So Finest

Lubbock’s Finest…I would like to thank one of Lubbock’s finest for pulling over the speeder on the road my apartment complex is on.

The speed along this road is 35 mph. That’s right folks…35 mph. I have to turn right or left (depending on which way I am driving on this street) to enter the complex. This can be somewhat like trying to enter your pit box with all the other cars behind. Since the “widening” of the street–instead of 2 lanes there are 4 lanes. Drivers think this is some kind of drag strip.

Thank you Mr. Officier. Thank you. I can live to drive another day on the Lubbock streets.

Lubbock’s NOT so finest…I stopped by Subway to grab me some dinner after my class. Let me preface…this Subway is a good one..usually friendly workers and pretty fast, but however this was not the case tonight.

1. There was already a line when I entered the shop. This isn’t unusually, but there was only ONE person working.

2. The second person was due at 6:00 pm…it was 6:15. That’s right this person was fifteen minutes late. I am a stickler for being on time to work. I will give you some slack on 5 minutes and maybe 10, but 15…i don’t think so.

3. First worker was slower than molasses making the 2 six inch sandwiches for the customers in front of me. OH MY GOD!!! Of course one of the customers couldn’t decide WTF she wanted.

4. Late worker took the drive thru order–2 footlongs. The only reason I know this is because I watched her make them because first worker was helping two other customers. I hate the fact the Subway has a drive thru..but that’s another post.

5. Late worker finally got to me…I ordered a salad. While making my salad the first worker screwed up ringing up drive thru order–late worker told her…they ordered 2 foot long meal hard can that be? I don’t work at Subway, but isn’t everything pretty much listed on the computer menu so they can ring up the orders correctly??? This prevented her from helping me in a timely manner.

6. FINALLY, 20 minutes later I had my dinner and I was in my SUV and on the way home.

2 thoughts on “Lubbock’s Finest and Not So Finest

  1. hmmmm. That’s sad about your experience at Subway. The last time I went to Subway I had EXCEELENT service….even got to heckle the guy behind the counter. It’s a shame you couldn’t have an experience as fun as mine!! ha!

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