Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

Unbelievable!Mr. Hamlin! That’s right a rookie won both poles and both races this year at Pocono Raceway. Denny dominated yesterday’s race. It was as if no matter what the other drivers did to their cars, Denny was that much better. Denny’s over the wall guys got it done for him in the pits as well. The last pit stop–great move. That forced the hands of all the other drivers–just gas, two tires/gas, four tries gas…it didn’t matter. You were awesome Mr. Hamlin. Enjoy your week off–next race–Indy! This victory put Denny 8th in the standings.

Smoke Report
Tony qualified 13th–not bad starting position. However, on Lap 31, Tony scraped the wall on Turn 3. From all the videos, it seemed Clint Bowyer squeezed Tony up against the wall, however, Clint did move over to give Tony room to recover. Tony was not happy which led to a hand out the window and Tony turning into Bowyer. This caused Bowyer to hit Carl Edwards–thus ending Carl’s day to have a good run. Tony was black flagged one lap for aggressive driving. He was not given the lucky dog–he had to earn his lap back. A caution came out at Lap 65 when Kyle Petty hit the wall HARD! As Tony is entering pit road, Carl spins Tony out in retaliation for the incident on Lap 31. Carl received a black flag and had to serve a one lap penalty for aggressive driving. All in all Tony finished 7th which moved him to 10th place in the standings–of course as well all know this could change come the next race.

I will defend Tony’s actions most of the time they are warranted and defendable. However, yesterday, I just couldn’t defend what Tony did. From my point of view (on my couch in Lubbock, TX), Clint looked like he squeezed Tony up into the wall, however, Clint moved his car down and Tony could have recovered. That could have been the end of it there. Tony is a passionate driver and wants to win, however, what he did yesterday could have cost him a spot in the Chase. This was something that was detrimental to not only him, but his team and all their hard work. The penalty was fairly issued.

Candyman Report
Nothing to report except his car was CRAP all day. He did however lead a lap and get his 5 bonus points. Elliott finished a dismal 32nd.

Other News
Junior didn’t have a great day either. He crashed out and finished 43rd again. This dropped in out of the top ten to 11th. He went from 3rd to 11th in two weeks. He looked disgusted yesterday.

What a weekend for Kevin Harvick. He finished first in the Busch race on Saturday and scored a top five in the Cup race. I feel he will definitely be there contending for the championship along with his RCR teammate Jeff Burton (finished 9th)

I think this week off will allow everyone to get back to where they need to be to make that final push to get into the Chase.

Other notables
10. Martin Truex, Jr.
14. Matt Kenseth
19. Mark Martin
24. Greg Biffle
36. Jimmy Spencer

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