Go fast…turn left…don’t crash! (Cup Boys are on vacation this week–so i am posting about random stuff)

I just have to say…it is muy caliente!!! Not just HOT, but DAMN HOT!!!

And what am I doing in two weeks??? Going to the desert where it’s even hotter!!! LAS VEGAS!!!

How hot was Las Vegas yesterday?? 104
How how was Lubbock?? 98

98??? I drove by a bank yesterday and it was reporting 105!! I guess it was cooler out at the airport.

What am I doing about the heat? Staying inside with the AC cranked up. I hate this kind of hot weather. Of course, I am glad I don’t live where there is any kind of crazy humidity. Here it’s like standing in front of on open oven–more of a dry heat.

Stay cool everyone and have a cold one on me!

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