Hey Flipper–Meet Me in St Louis

Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

Congratulations to “Cousin” Carl Edwards on his victory last night. I watched some of the race between company and studying for an exam I have on Tuesday. Thought Denny was going to continue his winning ways, but it was Carl who came away with the victory.

I still am wandering around the old homestead trying to find things to do on this non-Cup weekend. I have been trying to upload my web page to my website via TTU, but with no luck. I called IT help at TTU and well, I thought this was going to work….let’s just say I want to throw my lap top across the room. I think I will make one more attempt with the IT people and call it a day.

Also since I can’t watch the NASCAR boys today, I am going to watch the INDY cars. Racing on Sunday is better than nothing. Danica will NOT be coming over to NASCAR. She signed with Andretti Green this week. I think she wants to make her name in Indy cars first and then perhaps come over to race with the NASCAR boys.

Hope everyone is enjoying their off weekend. It’s time to get back to “work” and get ready for the rest of the season.

3 thoughts on “Hey Flipper–Meet Me in St Louis

  1. Good Luck on Test Day !(Tuesday)
    What do you think of the latest Yates news…..Both Tommy Baldwin and Slugger Labbe out the door, effective immediately.
    Just who is left at Yates ?
    That boat is leaking, bigtime.
    So glad Elliott Sadler is leaving.

  2. Sounds like Yates is sinking fast…first DJ and UPS, then Sadler and now the two crew chiefs..who is left at Yates?

    And of course there is still Elliott Watch 2006 to tend to.

  3. Hope Yates doesn’t have any weird ideas about putting Gililand in the #38 sooner than next year….
    Things are getting really weird in that shop.
    Check the tires Elliott !!!!

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