3 thoughts on “All Tony…All The Time

  1. A Girl must watch and drool…….
    Saw Talledega Nights ! It was absolutely unrememberably funny and a certifiable no brainer. I enjoyed being amused. It was a tad uncomfortable sitting in a theater with an audience that “didn’t get it”. I think a lot of the people in my town are, shall we say, conservatively prudish? Oh well… their ASSES were grossed out today! HA HA !

  2. Tony was on QVC??? Damn, I missed that! But I did see Trackside where they voted Tony to be Mr. NASCAR!!!
    Those boys are too damn hot!

  3. Oh yea…tony was definitely lookin’ good last night on QVC. Ended up buying a shirt and a car dispaly case.

    It was funny when Elliott named Tony Mr. NASCAR!

    My boys were definitely on fire yesterday.

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