Saturday Stuff

Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

Congrats to Jeff Burton! I was able to watch his qualifying run this morning and all I can say is DAMN! He laid down an awesome lap this morning.

Oh what a shame that Mikey wasn’t able to get into the show for Sunday. I am glad he isn’t trying to buy his way in this time.

My boys didn’t do so hot either, but I am not worried. To me it isn’t where you start, but where you finish. Tony is slated to start 32nd while Elliott faired a little better. Candyman will start 27th. I love Elliott’s Snickers paint scheme–guess I will have eat some Snickers tomorrow.

Mayfield to Bill Davis Racing??? I wish these people would hurry up and decide what they are going to do. I need to know where Elliott will be next year.

Oh…poor Big Shrub crashed and has to go to his backup car…oh what a shame….I am so crushed. His car kinda looks like what I used to do to a Miller Lite Can when I finished drinking its contents.

Just caught the tail end of the Busch race….Congrats to Kevin Harvick! From the sounds of it he dominated the race. The only other person to lead the race was Denny Hamlin. This makes 5 Busch wins for Happy Harvick.

Well…the big one is tomorrow. Good luck to my boys! Let’s make it two in a row Smoke!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Stuff

  1. That’s right! Qual position isn’t the main deal, it’s where you finish. Hope it’s a great race tomorrow!!

    I wish they would make up their minds too! I want to know where Esad will be…

  2. I’ve blogged. He’s hurting and I am too. What’s going on with
    Next year needs to get here soon.
    I wonder too, Jane…..Where is he going ?

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