My Last Post…Well Until I Get Back from Vegas!

I probably won’t get to do much posting after today. I am off to Vegas for a MUCH needed VACATION! I plan to gamble, shop, and drink! I will probably do more of the drinking activity than gambling and shopping. I do plan to stop off at M&M World perhaps pick up some of the last remaining Sadler items. Good thing the Coca Cola store is next door. Maybe I can pick up some of the Coca Cola Racing Team items. I am thinking of heading out to the LV Motor Speedway to take in a tour. Cost–$8.00! Any how I will have lots of pictures when I get back. I will miss the road race, but I am not into road racing so I am not too upset. Until I can get back to The Park, I borrowed this little survey from “NASCAR Girl” who borrowed it from Chick’s View. So if you have some time this week…surf on over to their sites.

PS–I did some MAJOR overhauling to The Park. Let me know what you think!

Real Name: Trixie
Age: I just celebrated the 7th anniversary of my 29th birthday
Hair color: Right now…black, but my natural brown shade is coming back nicely
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5’8
Heritage: German/Scottish/Hillibilly
State: Texas
Siblings: It’s just me! I was too much for my parents.
Favorite Driver(s): Tony Stewart, Elliott Sadler, Kevin Harvick
Three favorite tracks: Texas, Bristol, Talladega
First NASCAR Experience: I watched NASCAR on and off growing up, but I the one I remember as my first was the year Dale Earnhardt, Sr. won his only Daytona 500. I was hooked after that.
Feelings on Tony Stewart: If you read my blog, you know my feelings on Tony. Tony is a racer’s racer. He can drive anything. He isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and he makes no apologies about it.
If you were Mike Helton for a day…: I would bring back the Southern 500, remove restrictor plates, eliminate road racing, set a limit on the amount of commercials to be shown, and fire Mike Helton and take his place.
Ever fallen asleep during a race? Yes. There are a couple of tracks that lend themselves to good racing.
Dream NASCAR job: I would love to work with Tony Stewart. Doing what you might ask??? That’s a tough one…personal assistant/personal chef/personal anything.
Best race you’ve ever watched: I would have to say the Daytona 500 the year Dale Sr. won and last year’s Brickyard. Smoke was awesome!
Hobbies: NASCAR
Weaknesses: NASCAR, Postman the Hubby
Favorite Movie(s): Forrest Gump, Legends of the Fall, Gone With The Wind, Pretty In Pink
One thing people would be surprised to know about you: That I wanted to be a singer

7 thoughts on “My Last Post…Well Until I Get Back from Vegas!

  1. Your blog is beautiful! I’ll be adding your link to ChicksView very, very soon.

    Thanks for the shoutout too, by the way!

  2. The Park is very “UpScale” and much to my liking. Please reserve a bench for me as I plan to be a frequent visitor.
    Hope Vegas was everything and more!
    You are AWESOME !

  3. Makes tons of money!!! That way ALL of us can come to your house for a bbq. LOL LOL LOL Be safe and enjoy your time there. Say Hi to Elvis for me.

  4. Have fun in Vegas!!! I love that town!!!

    I Love what you’ve done to the Park!

    Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

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