Las Vegas Update

Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

Hey guys…was able to get some internet access for the day. Only 10.95 for 24 hours! Well, I needed to get online.

Here’s an update–will have lots of pictures when I get back. I am having a very relaxful time here, but I am ready to come home. I have definitely had my share of alcohol and I gambled some–won $40 on Monday with just .50. Not a bad return on my investment.

For my NASCAR buds, I went to the NASCAR cafe. They had one of Tony’s old car, but hey…they had his car. They had a few items, but I already have several of the pictures. I did however, take some pictures of Dale Sr’s car for Tiredawg. I will post those when I get back home. I am planning to take a trip out to LVMS on Friday. OH—went to Madame Troussau’s Wax Museum. The figurines are so lifelike. I was standing by one of the figurines to get my picture taken and I bumped into the figure and I said “excuse me”. They had a wax figure of Dale Sr. there. Pretty cool stuff. I headed to M&Ms World to take a gander of what they had left on Elliott Sadler stuff–was able to get a t-shirt for $15! Also, they had his Pirates of the Carribbean White Chocolate M&M car which he ran eariler this year on display. Have lots of pics for you Hey 19!

Any how….we are leaving on Friday. I like Vegas, but after three or four days I am sooooooooo ready to come home.

Have a good one!

Oh–I was happy with Tony’s road race finish and Elliott’s finish! On to Michigan boys—Good Luck!

4 thoughts on “Las Vegas Update

  1. Glad you’re having a relaxing time.
    Maybe they will take more pictures of Esad this weekend now. It’s been lacking lately. And we need to see what his buns will look like in the new driver suit!

  2. I’m happy you are having a good time in Vegas!!! Wish I was there, LOL

    I’ve been to that NASCAR cafe before. It’s pretty nice… And, of course, I’ve been to M&M’s world… And isn’t that wax museum crazy??? They had a Brad Pitt and Mel Gibson figure in there when I went and they looked so real!!!

    Have a great time!

  3. Glad you enjoyed Vegas!
    Can’t wait to hear all about your trip and see the wonderful pictures.
    Wait until you see Elliott in his new threads. He looks obscenely gorgeous!
    “BUNS A’ BLAZING” !!!!!!!
    Whatever, those buns are looking good ! He’s driving good too !
    It’s exciting….
    Rest up and then tell all.

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