There’s No Place Like Home

Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

Got home on Saturday morning. I have been catching up on my sleep. I will try to post things this week. I have a couple of things at work to catch up on so it may be late in the week before Vegas pictures are up.

I do have to get a new laptop. I guess it isn’t as tough as I thought. Apparently when the bookbag where the laptop was contained wasn’t a good container. It feel out of the car a couple of times and now I have a broken screen. It looks like someone took a gun and shot a hole into it. I can still access things, but the screen looks yucky. I have been wavering between a new HP and the the new Apple. I will check all the prices and see.

I am going to sit at home and watch NASCAR today. Congrats to Dale Jr. yesterday! Here’s a cold one for ya Dale from this Tony fan.

Good Luck Tony and Elliott

2 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Awwwww. I’m so sad to hear that you “have” to get a new laptop. That will be such a hardship. How ever will you deal with the grief?
    tee hee hee!

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