Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

I was so glad to be home and watching “my boys” race. For the most part the race was good.

Congratulations to Matt Kenseth! I guess that was Jane I heard cheering on Matt.

I tried to watch most of the race, but I am checking out prices for a new lap top.

I was happy that Tony finished 3rd after starting so far in the back of the pack. You know how it can go when you are in the back.

I am so glad Elliott Watch 2006 is finally over. I am still holding judgement on the whole Everham and Jeremy situation. It was good to see Elliott qualify 2nd and finish in the top ten. Oh by the way…he looks really good in that red uniform.

On to Bristal night racing next week…

One thought on “Michigan

  1. Our boys did good! And yep, I was cheering!
    Esad does look good in red, but then he’d look good in just about anything!

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