1st day…new team

Trixie radioed…

Today was my first day with my “new team”. I am very anxious to get started. I was WITHOUT MY computer today because the computer guy was setting everything up for me. I did have access to a computer, but it was my student assistant’s computer and it was an old one. But I was able to read the old email and catch up on a few things.

Today was also “Cake Day” at my new gig. They celebrate everyone’s birthday at the beginning of the month..and well today was that day! How cool…cake on my first day with the new team.

My office is pretty cool. I actually have a window. That’s right…a real window. I looks out to a couryard. The other “new” person (who started last week) has a view of a parking lot. Of course when one doesn’t have a true window for the last year and half you feel like you have hit the jackpot.

Of course, with every new team, you meet all the new “teammates”. As I mentioned before I would be working in an office with a fellow NASCAR fan. I didn’t know until today who her favorite driver was. I didn’t care as long as it wasn’t Princess Jimmie. Well…guess what…SHE IS A FELLOW TONY STEWART FAN!!!! THAT’S RIGHT MY PEEPS!!!! A TONY STEWART FAN!!!!

I am a little tired. I have been organizing files, putting up my things, and my wonderful husband Postman even bought a little fridge for me so I now won’t have to haul my happy little butt to the “community fridge”. I love you Postman!!!

Oh…I received my Smoke VIP renewal goodies today…(well actually I got them on Thursday, but couldn’t get them until today from the apartment office). I got a black tee with “Smoke VIP” on it. I new sticker and a picture of the man himself with the Brickyward trophy!!! Yes..it will be added to the collection at work.

Until tomorrow….

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