Little Tidbits

Trixie radioed…

Tidbit One: Finally got my MacBook!!! No more using the damaged laptop…well until I move all files over to new computer.

Tidbit Two: Going to Indianapolis in October for a professional conference. Unfortunately I won’t have time to visit Indy or take a little side trip to Columbus.

Tidbit Three: Postman bought the new NASCAR 2007 game. You know the one…Elliott is the featured cover man!

Tidbit Four: Richmond is Saturday night and The Chase Drivers will be decided! Go Tony!!!!

Tidbit Five: Less than 2 months from TMS race weekend. I can’t wait!!

Folks that’s about it for now. Tomorrow night is Busch racing and then it all unfolds on Saturday night!!! Who’s in and Who’s out??? That will be the 64,000 dollar question.

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