Friday Night Lights

Trixie radioed…

Looks like Tony will be using his back up car this weekend. He crashed in practice today. His car looks like CRAP!!! See for yourself.

Congraulations to Denny Hamlin for winning the pole for tomorrow night’s race.

Kevin Harvick is on FIRE!!! That’s a SIX pack for Mr. Harvick! Plus Mr. Jeff Burton won the pole for the Busch race. It has been wonderful seeing RCR back wiht a vengence. How cool would it be to see him not only the Busch title, but the Cup title as well.

Postman got excited with one of Scott Wimmer’s sponsors—the United States Postal Service. Who knew a USPS vehicle could move that fast???? This was the only picture that I could find of Scott’s car. I don’t think this is how a postal vehcile should be driven.

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