Race 1: Louden

Trixie radioed…

All I can say about the first race…AWESOME!!!

Kevin Harvick just dominated today. RCR is DEFINITELY back. I still think either Kevin or Matt are the guys to beat. Kevin is leading the Cup points for the first time in his Cup career. I would love for Kevin to win both the Cup and Busch in the same year, but we all know there’s a long way to go and anything can happpen along the way.

Things didn’t start too well for HMS. Kyle ended up having a “meet and greet” with one of the walls. Oh what a shame….NOT!

And of course that was me you heard screaming all the way from Texas. I was doing the happy dance out here in West Texas. How does it feel Jimmie???? Need some Kleenex? Guess Chad can’t “fix” this one for ya!!!

I just want to say that Tony drove like a mad man today. He looked like the Champion he is and always will be. He started back in 32nd spot and finished 2nd! DID YOU HEAR THAT PEOPLE??? 2ND SPOT!!! I just wish that kind of run happened last week instead of this week, but oh well. In the post race interview, he definitely sounded happy. I think the big pressure is off for him. He just go out there and have FUN!

I haven’t reported on Elliott lately. I would just like to say he has another top ten since moving to the #19. That would be him finishing 6th today. I think he will be a contender next year! Besides I really like his new car colors…red and black.

Standings after Race 1
1. Kevin H. (HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY)
2. Denny H. (way to go Rookie)
3. Matt K. (you were definitely quite today)
4. Jeff G. (too bad you didn’t follow suite as Jimmie and Kyle)
5. Jeff B. (you were were running great today)
6. Mark M. (crazy old man)
7. Dale Jr. (you sounded disappointed…remember there are 10 races not one)
8. Kasey K. (what happened??)
9. Jimmie J. (WOO HOO!!!!)
10. Kyle B. (a double WOO HOO!!!)

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