I’m Here To Report…

Trixie radioed…

I am a little behind on my reading the last couple of days. I have been battling whatever crap everyone around me has. I spent two days away from work and now I have two days left to play catch…ugh!

I did it…I actually did it. I bought the NEW 10th anniversery “Tickle Me Elmo”. I do have the first edition sitting at my mom’s house. I kind of like the older version. He is more cuddly than the newer version. He does a little more than his older predecessor. Oh well..

I am not sure what to make of the Bob Dilner report. I would like to think he wouldn’t be THAT stupid as to report something without checking ALL the facts. I just have one question…why is it when someone or even a team is having a good year people begin to suspect you have circumvented the rules? I know Kevin’s crew chief has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar before, but do you really think he would want to jeopardize the team’s chance in the Chase? To me if anyone would want to gain an edge it would be those who have the most to lose. If you have something to report, CHECK YOUR FREAKIN’ FACTS FIRST!!! I got two words for you Bob…DAN RATHER!!!

Terry LaBonte will get a Texas size salute come November as Terry LaBonte makes his final appearance at TMS. And I will be there to see it all happen!

One more thing…I had on my Tony Stewart desk calendar for months…count them months of when the #20 show car was going to be at our newest Home Depot here in the Hubaplex…and guess what??? That’s right…another dumb ass move of the week..I MISSED IT!!! Of course…I was watching the race and doing homework. Oh well…maybe next time.

That’s about it here on the home front.

2 thoughts on “I’m Here To Report…

  1. Speed is really starting to tick me off with all their rumors and speculation. I still love Kenny and Spencer on their shows. But some of the other Speed shows, I’m getting burned out on. I think Burton may pie Dilliner this week.
    And yes, little whiner boy got mad when one of his teamates dare race him. Whine, whine, whine.
    Hope you are feeling better!

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