Friday Night Lights

Trixie radioed…

Tony was on Trackside this evening and he DEFINITELY looks relaxed. Apparently someone booed when they were showing clips of last year’s Championship celebration at Homstead. Tony turned and told whoever opened their mouth…you can boo all you want I already won the championship–HE HE!! That’s the Tony we all know and love. Tony now has a personal trainer. Where we those interviews??? I would love to be his “personal trainer.” I think Tony should be guest commentator on Trackside next year. Hey Elliott…can I come huntin’ over at your place??? Can you imagine Tony AND Elliott??? What??? OK..I’m back.

(Picture note…I guess Travis just gets time in the Park, because I like this picture of Tony and wanted to put it the Park.)

Can I just say OUCH!!! Poor JJ, he crashed in practice and has to go to a back up car. That looked like that hurt JJ.

Oh, I guess I could report that Jeff Gordon won the pole for Sunday’s race.

Good Luck boys!!

One thought on “Friday Night Lights

  1. Hey ya Trix. Tony did look like he was having fun. Smoke is intense type personality, sometimes that hurts us and sometimes it helps. Wait did I jsut admit something??? Anyways have a gr8 weekend and go Harvick!!! Yeah, JJ looked a little loopy.

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