RCR–A Race Fan’s Opinion

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Last week on Speed, Speed reporter Bob Dilner reported that RCR teams of Harvick and Burton were using a “bleeder valve” on their tires that would release air and give their tires optimal pressure for racing performance. Those at RCR are fuming about the report. You could definitely see that today by the comments made both Kevin and Clint after the Busch race. I cannot blame them either. A reporter goes on national television show and bascially calls them cheaters. I for one would have been quite furious. I have never really liked Mr. Dilner as a reporter. I think he is a goober. I am not a reporter and as much as it sounds like a cool gig, I wouldn’t want the job. Mr. Dilner and Speed stand behind the story.

Yesterday I read where a former employee Andrew Corrente of RCR filed a lawsuit against RCR claiming wrongful termination, defamation and breach of contract against the team. Could this person been the source of Dilner’s report? Or is this a disgruntled former employee trying to get back at his former employer? I am looking forward tomorrow on Race Day and Countdown to Green to see how all this is reported.

RCR has come back this year determined to prove to everyone they have stepped out of the shadows of tragedy to become contenders again. Dale Earnhardt Sr. was the heart of the organization and when he died it devastated the team. To me Kevin Harvick has the talent and bravado to bring RCR back to championship form. The addition of Jeff Burton as well as Clint Bowyer has created a trifecta for RCR. (Hey Tiredawg..there’s that #3 for you.) I would love to see Kevin win both championships. But you know you will have those naysayers who will bring all this stuff up.

Congratulations to the RCR boys today! Clint wins his first Busch race of the year while Kevin finishes third.

One thought on “RCR–A Race Fan’s Opinion

  1. Somehow I doubt of the allegations against RCR were started by the same guy filing the lawsuit.

    It’s more than likely one of the other Chase teams trying to start trouble and they found a willing tool in Dilner.

    What bothers me in spite of all the denials both Speed and Dilner himself are standing by the story.

    It’s shear lunacy. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, knows Goodyear started a tire leasing program this year. Part of that program dictates they, not individual teams, mount and balance all tires to be used at every track.

    For Dilner to fall for such a trash story shows he has an anti-RCR agenda or is flatout stupid.

    There are no other options.

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