Race 2: Dover

Trixie radioed…

Hey Ya’ll watch this….I am so excited that Jeff Burton won. He has been having a great year and he has been so close this year to winning several races. Jeff’s last win came in 2001. CONGRATULATIONS JEFF!!!! You definitely tamed the Monster Mile today Mr. Burton! With his win Jeff is now the points leader. (How ’bout them apples Mr. Dilner!!)

The Monster Mile was definitely unkind to the Chasers today.
Kyle Busch–engine problems
Kasey Kahne–crash with Tony
Dale Earnhardt–tire issues
Kevin Harvick–blown engine

It looks like it is definitely over for Kyle. You can’t have two bad races in a row and expect to make a run for the championship. It hurt when Tony got loose and ended up changing Kasey’s chances. As Tony mentioned last week, he didn’t want to be the guy to take one of the Chasers out. And from what I have read, you could tell he felt bad about what happened. Tony’s car got loose and Kasey was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The picture to the right just about say it all.

Other highlights…Elliott looked awesome out front today! Way to go Elliott!

That’s two down and eight more to go. As today has shown, the tide for any of the Chasers can turn on a dime. Things just got interesting. Matt and the RCR boys are still the ones to beat. And I hate to say this but, you can’t count out that Dupont guy.

Next up…the Land of Oz. Have a great week everyone!

3 thoughts on “Race 2: Dover

  1. Yeah, poor Kasey. He has some rotten luck. My honey is excited about Gordon, though. Tough household here with Dodge vs. Chevy. 😉

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