Football Boys

Trixie radioed…

The Park is predominately dedicated to my NASCAR boys, but I just have to give my shout out to my football boys.

I am a Cowboys fan. It is somewhat a requirement if you are a Texan. I know there are others in Texas that are not Cowboy fans, but whatever. I am still waiting for the Boys to get a decent quarterback. I know Drew is a good quarterback, but I long for the days to see Troy Aikman grace the field at Texas Stadium. Oops…kinda worked in NASCAR in that one.

Next to NASCAR, football is the other sport that drives me. I have been watching football since I was a little girl. I remember watching Woody Hayes and hearing all about the Ohio State Buckeyes from my father. I am still a fan to this day. If you follow football you know Michigan and Ohio State are mortal rivals. So, how did I end up with marrying a Michigan fan? I think is my karma coming back to bite me in the ass.

Postman thinks I am nuts because I tend to like players from teams he CANNOT stand. I am a HUGE Joe Montana fan. It is still a sore subject with my husband about “The Catch”.

I like Brett Favre and Peyton Manning and I do like that Ben fellow over there at Pittsburgh. Do you see a pattern here?

So this is the time of the year where our home becomes a battle ground–Football (particularly the Cowboys) or NASCAR. Somehow we all know how it ends up.

One thought on “Football Boys

  1. I’m a Cowboys fan too and that picture of “The Catch” makes me mad everytime I see it. I saw the play setting up when I was watching it on TV and I still don’t understand how they didn’t hear me when I was yelling at them through the TV set telling them that was where Joe was going to throw it. It baffles me everytime!

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