Got Gas?

Trixie radioed…

Apparently quite a few of them didn’t…including race winner TONY STEWART. He coasted to the checkers today. It may not have been a pretty victory..but it is a VICTORY nonetheless.

Thanks for the push Denny!

I didn’t get to see much of the race. I was one on the road coming back from Waco visiting my mom and second Postman took over the television watching that other sport, football.

Oh what shame for Princess Jimmie and Gordo. Need some Kleenex boys????

Standings after Race 3
1. Jeff Burton
2. Denny Hamlin
3. Mark Martin
4. Matt Kenseth
5. Kevin Harvick
6. Jeff Gordon
7. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
8. Jimmie Johnson
9. Kyle Busch
10. Kasey Kahne

As I stated before the Chase started I thought Jeff Burton was the dark horse and you he is living up to my prediction.

Next week…Talladega baby!

3 thoughts on “Got Gas?

  1. Tony didn’t even know he won tell they told him! And no fair running out of gas, he didn’t get to climb the fence!
    Glad he won though!

  2. I listened to the race…and marvelled at all the wacky things going on. I’m catching up on my tape of the proceeds. What a race!

  3. I missed the race but heard about Tony coasting to victory. Good for him. I’m just bummed that Kasey is sucking ass like he is. Guess it is a good thing I have football right now!!! At this point, I’m wishing Tony Stewart would have beat him out, so at least he’d have a shot. You know?

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