My Aching Back

Trixie radioed…

I finally decided to see my doctor about my back. I have battled chronic back pain since I was 19 years old. When I was younger it didn’t bother me so much, but now I needed to do something about it. I think the two car wrecks over the past year has just pushed my back to it’s limit.

My doc thinks it may be hereditary. My dad has the same issues that I have. So…what has to be done? One..I have to get an MRI. I hate MRIs. I am just a little clastrophobic so I will definitely be focusing on my happy place. Second…I will have to go to physical therapy 3/week for a month at $40/each session. I have my first session next week. I am going to see if I get away with just two. I am going to Indianapolis in two weeks and TMS the first of November…need money for those all important souvenirs.

Oh…but he did give me something for the pain!

And on top of that…I have a slight case of laryngitis. I am NOT supposed to use my voice for 24 hours…if you know me that is like telling Tony he can’t drive Sunday.

Here’s hoping for less pain…

4 thoughts on “My Aching Back

  1. Better living through chemistry, I always say. All your neighbors in the “park” will want to get in on that action. Look in the phone book or ask your doctor if there’s an open MRI machine in your area, it’s a ton different.

  2. Take my advice. Please be sure to check the “I am Claustrophobic” box on the little get-to-know-me form. Don’t let pride dictate the non-checking of the box….

    thus saith The Voice of Experience

  3. i wanted open MRI, but my insurance will only let me go to one place…which SUCKS! Hey if I have any left overs I will definitely share..he he.

    Don’t worry I will definitely let them know about the clustrophobic thing…i will have that panic button there by my side…

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