Husband Free Weekend

Trixie radioed…

That’s right folks. It will be another “Husband Free Weekend”. I went to my mom’s last weekend to celebrate her birthday and made a side trip to DFW area for some great deals on some NASCAR items. Bought an Elliott Sadler car (1.24 scale) for only $15.00. That’s right…you read it right my people. These usually cost around $50-$60.

This weekend my husband will be heading to Houston for a Letter Carriers Union School. He leaves on Saturday and won’t be back until Monday. Last time Postman went to his fall school his driver Mark Martin won. Will this happen this weekend?

My plans…absolutely nothing. I will not have to “fight” with Postman for the television. NASCAR will be on not the Cowboys game on Sunday. Sorry Postman. I can gurantee you Postman, if Tony or Elliott wins, YOU will know it!

In two weeks I will be headed to Indy and then two weeks after that TMS. Oh well…have a good Friday night!

Finally Mark has made a decision on his plans next season…he will be driving part time in the #01 car. This is just my observation, and my observation only…i don’t want to start any kind of rumors or have Bob D. report on this, but what happened with Mark running trucks with Roush? I thought he was going to run a full season next year in the #6 truck. And then now…he isn’t. Could there be more to all of this? Just to let you know, I love a good conspiracy. I just think there may be more to the story, but I could be wrong.

Oh well…it’s Talladega and the name of the game is SURVIVAL. I would love to see either Tony or Elliott crossing that finish line. Good luck to my boys—Trixie’s watchin’!

UPDATE…Congrats to Pablo Montoya for finishing 3rd in the ARCA race at ‘Dega tonight. Not bad for his debut. Race was called due to darkness.

How cool would it be to race ‘Dega under the lights? Just a thought…

2 thoughts on “Husband Free Weekend

  1. Oh my!! Postman’s heading out of town?? Did you alert the authorities in Houston? You do remember what happened last time, don’t you??

    Oh well. You did the best you could…

  2. Love that Montoya. Put up and didn’t shut up. Hey if you are into collecting diecast, check out

    Awesome auction site. I have spent less than a hundred in one session and got 6 cars from it. Some older some newer. All action and in gr8 shape. Locally in Fla. we have Prestige Racing Collectables. Glenn has hooked me up for at least the last7 years. Got all four DEI tribute cars AND the Dale Sr. piece for 70.00 each. E-bay had them goimg at 115.00. If you go to my March or Feb archives, you can see most of my NASCAR room. That is a sample of how going crazy with a hobby can go. Since that post, I think I am up to around 340 24th scale diecast. I know you AND Wifey are right. I am outta my fizzuckin mind. Good hearing from ya peace, Dawg.

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