#6 AAA Ford Fusion

Trixie radioed…

Roush has chosen David Ragan to replace Mark Martin in the #6 AAA Ford Fusion beginning 2007. After 19 years with Roush Racing, Mark is heading over to MB2 Motorsports to race a part time schedule next year. Davd and Mark currently share driving duties in the #6 F-150 in the Truck series. Congratulations to David. You have some big shoes to fill in the #6.

I know the buzz this week is probably still the whole “paybacks are a bitch” story, but this one is still weighing on my mind. I am still unneverved that AFTER 19 years Mark Martin is leaving Roush Racing. Postman is certainly not too thrilled by it either. He doesn’t say much, other than “I guess I will have to get all new stuff”. I can relate to him some since Candyman switched teams midstream. I was just starting to get my Elliott collection going. I’m sure both Roush and Mark did their best to keep their relationship going, but as we all know with relationships sometimes it’s just best to cut your losses and walk away.

Thank you UPS for delivering my brand spankin’ new #19 Elliott Sadler t-shirt on Monday! I am now officially ready for TMS in November!

Did anyone watch Inside Nextel Cup on Speed on Monday? I did and let me tell you it was interesting. Both Schrader and Waltrip were getting their digs in about the race on Sunday. There were times I felt sorry for Vickers. Brian took it like a man in my opinion. I know they were giving him a hard time because I guess that’s what guys do, but don’t completely throw him under the bus. And then of course there was Mr. DeSpain trying to play referee. It was very entertaining is all I have to say.

So…this week at Lowe’s will be interesting. They will have extra security for Mr. Vickers. Is this from the fans or his “teammates”?

Ponder this…as brought up in a conversation this week with a fellow NASCAR fan. Not trying to start anything just curious…
Jimmie is leading the race.
Junior and Truex are running 2nd and 3rd respectively
Junior pulls out bringing Truex with him
Truex clips Junior’s bumper
Junior gets turned into Johnson and crashes both of them
Truex wins
How would Earnhardt Nation react?

Just something to chew on….

Have a good one…that’s all from the Park today!

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