Trixie radioed…

In true Homer Simpson fashion, can I say DOH! Confusion ran amok last night towards the end.

Of course I thought the race would end with Carl and Casey battling for the win in which they did…two words sychronized spinning.

Then it was Matt K. and Dave Blaney battling for the win. I thought Matty would take Dave, but Matty’s car got loose and spun.

Congratulations to Mr. Blaney for his first Busch win. Loved his sponsor Hass Avacados.

I would also like to congratulate KevIn Harvick on winning his 2nd Busch Series Championship.

With all of that said…he’s my only gripe.

I know Kevin won his championship last night, but I really wanted to see the victory lane celebration by Dave Blaney and his posse first and then Kevin’s interview and trophy presentation. That’s what I have noticed lately with the race coverage. I know we are deep in the chase and we want to know how the Chasers are doing, but there are 34 other drivers on the track including one of my drivers Elliott Sadler. There are some really good drivers who aren’t in the Chase and I personally would like to hear about them. I am tired of hearing about the HMS boys, blah, blah, blah. I guess that’s the nature of the beast.

Tonight’s the Cup race. Let’s hope we have no DOH moments!

One thought on “Doh!

  1. W/ regard to Dave Blaney: hear, hear! I want to hear about the winnder first. We knew Kevin was going to win a long time ago.

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