Down Lowe

Trixie radioed…

Congratulations to Kasey Kahne on last night’s victory. You swept the races this season at Lowes. I thankful for that fact because I for one am tired of hearing about Jimmie’s House.

For some reason I was in the mood for the race last night. I don’t know why that is. I guess for one Tony is not in the Chase and so my enthusiasm is less than normal. At first I thought it was going to be a long night with the early crashes, but things calmed down a little bit for everyone. Mark Martin looked like he was going to have a good run and then BAM! He’s going head first into the wall. Thank god for safer barriers. That was a nasty crash. I was anxious to see Mark’s post crash interview about what happened. Now I know why so many people respect Mark. I know he was upset about what happened, but he was respectful. He didn’t whine like some of those other drivers. He is a class act. He loves the fans and he is still having fun! What the hell was Jack Roush thinking? I know you have to build towards the future, but come Jack, get a clue. I am glad Mark is going to a place that wants him! You rock Mark!

Well, Tony had a horrible night. What the hell was going on? I hope this doesn’t happen at Texas. It will suck for me if he does. Elliott lost an engine. I am not sure what the hell happened there either. So for me, the night pretty much sucked.

One good note…Gordo blew an engine and it is his third DNF in a row. I guess you will have to try next year for that fifth title huh Gordo.

I think this is Jeff Burton’s championship to lose at the midway point. I believe if he continues his consistant finishes he will be crowned the 2006 Nextel Cup Champion at Homestead.

On to Martinsville for Race #6.

5 thoughts on “Down Lowe

  1. Jack is an arse. Not a hole, but the whole damn thing. Man, I would have thought that Jack-ass would have given Mark a deal to keep that 6 car wioth a Martin. Meaning Keep Part time until Mark’s so Matt is ready to take over at age eightteen. That kids will be a champion someday. Google him. That kid is impressive. Then again he IS Mark Martin’s son. Have a gr8 weekend take care, peace, Dawg!!!

  2. Hope you don’t feel the same pain as I did at Dover when Tony didn’t come back around on lap 11.

    I’d like to see Terry win at Texas, but Tony winning would be fine, too.

    I think the crash knocked Mark silly (or he’s still taking the Viagra) ‘cause he was way too happy in his post crash interview.

  3. I think Mark was grateful he was unhurt from that wreck! I can still see it in my head and ouch!!!

    Maybe Tony will take it at Martinsville!

  4. I can still see it in PERSON, Jane, and it’s a horrible thing to replay in your mind. It happened right in front of me…hard, hard hit.

    I would be in heaven if Jeff Burton won. He’s such a good guy, and he deserves a championship as much, if not more than, any other guy chasing the title.

    Poor Elliott…Poor Tony…

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