Burton…Ward Burton

Trixie radioed…

Ward Burton will be racing at Martinsville this Sunday after a two year absence. He will be driving the #4 Chevrolet for Morgan-McClure Motorsports. Could this be a sign for those of you out there who are Ward Burton fans? I for one would like to see Ward back on the track. Some of these newbie drivers need to get some lessons from the vets on how to do things. (That discussion is for another time.)

Oh..did anyone catch Wind Tunnel last night? Well, if not, Mr. Tony Stewart was co-hosting. The first caller definitely wasn’t a Stewart fan…he was definitely a Gordo fan cause he was whining. Dave asked about the Yeley incident. Tony said he made a mistake plain and simple. “Go ahead caller…you’re on the air…hi Tony…it’s JJ “knocked out one of the most revered drivers in NASCAR out of his shot at a Championship” Yeley. Well, that’s not how the intro went, but you get the picture.

Program note to that Gordo fan who called in…your whiney ass driver will be co hosting next week. Maybe I will call in and ask him where he wants his box of kleenexes and cheese sent.

That’s all that is to report from the Park today…

2 thoughts on “Burton…Ward Burton

  1. Great place you have here!

    I feel like I’ve been here before but I can’t remember. lol I have memory loss, I swear.

    Anyway, great post. I’ve been meaning to add you to the ChicksView link list and ::ahem:: I keep forgetting.

    I’m doing it right now!

  2. Hi Trixie….love the trailer park. I’m a Junior fan but I’m partial to alot of other drivers…..TS is one of them. Have a great time at the Texas race. Peace, Mike.

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