Home Sweet Home

Trixie radioed…

I arrived back home this evening safe and sound. In tow from my trip, several souvenir items, lots of ideas for my office, and a FREAKIN’ NASTY CAN’T FUNCTION COLD!

That’s right I went all the way to Indianapolis and came home with a cold. I am not talking a little bitty cold. This cold comes equipped with a raging sore throat, stuffed up nosed, aching head, and a fever. There must of been some kind of fever because I was out in the 40 degree weather this morning and I wasn’t cold. I missed a few sessions of my conference because of this pesky cold. But the worst part of this cold…flying back home. It’s bad enough when one flies that your ears pop throughout the flight, but when you have a cold and your ears are stuffy, it makes it even worse (kind of like someone poking it with an ice pick). I almost broke out in girlie tears because it hurt so bad. Other than that I had fun.

I have to give major props to the Marriott Downtown in Indianapolis. After getting there two hours late (see explanation below), they told us there was a “problem” with are reservation. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with this little bit of information. I was cranky and very, very tired. I was already two hours late getting in to Indy and now you are telling me I won’t have my room. Apparently the people who had our room didn’t check out in time and then extended their stay…this meant our room was not available or any other room until Thursday morning. At this point I was willing to sleep on the couch in the lobby. However, they sent us to another hotel, complimentary of course, they even paid for our taxi fare for us. Once everything was taken care the next morning, I came back to the room to find a card apologizing for the mixup and inconvenience. They also left two bottles of water, a $5 coupon for Starbucks and the Gift Shop. And we had access to the Concierge Level, plus the room was upgraded. Pretty cool beans. Thank you! Of course…I can’t say I feel the same way about American Airlines.

I will say that I am not a fan of American Airlines. I was given horrible customer service about 10 years and vowed not to fly American again. Unfortunately I flew American last year to Orlando and just recently to Indianapolis. We finally get to Dallas on Wednesday and find that our flight will be delayed due to mechanical issues. Our plane would be taken out of service and thus we had to wait for another one. Now this was the only praise I will shower AA. I have issues with planes with mechancial issues. My flight was supposed to leave at 5 and arrive in Indy at 8 (gain on hour by the way). We didn’t leave DFW until 8 and arrived in Indy at 11. The flight attendants on all the flights (both to and from Indy) were not friendly at all. I’ve had better customer service at McDonalds. On the way back from Indy to Dallas, I didn’t even get my free drink. Bastages!!! People always ask me why I like Southwest Airlines. I tell them you get pretty good flight deals, the SWA employees are pleasant and seem to enjoy their job. And even when there is a delay they try their best to get you out at a decent time. I have only had one unpleasant experience with SWA, but it wasn’t with SWA, but with the weather. As they say…you have a choice when you fly…and my choice is Southwest Airlines.

Oh…forgot…while shopping in the Indy Speedway Gift Shop at the Indy airport. I didn’t see any TS stuff…not one thing. But they sure did have quite a few items with Gordo’s picture. WTF????

With that out of the way…I did manage to see Big Busch is sitting on the pole for tomorrow’s race.

Good luck to all “My Boys”!

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