Worth the Effort???

Trixie radioed…

I was such a bad NASCAR fan today. I was pretty much preoccupied with my homework due tomorrow that I wasn’t watching much of the race. For one I was using software to create my projects that I had never used so I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure it out. But I watched enough to know the following…

Jimmie Johnson won. That was enough to wonder what the heck was I watching the race for if this was how it was going to turn out.

Jeff Burton had engine trouble and lost the lead in the Chase.

The only bright spot for me at least Tony had a good day. He finished 4th. And how ’bout that Texas boy Bobby Labonte finishing 3rd today!

Matt K. is now the points leader. This Chase I believe will come down to Homestead. It’s too close to call a winner at this point of the Chase. Everyting can turn on dime in an instant.

Next week…the boys head down to Atlanta…and then over to Texas!!!! I can’t wait!!!!

Update…went to the urget care clinic (not always know for the urgent part) to have them check me out. The congestion in my ears and nose, the dry cough, and the overall “i feel like shit” feeling overpowered me this morning. The doctor said I have an upper respiratory infection. That’s ok however, I NOW have some really good drugs in which to beat this stuff. I have to be well for my trip to Texas. But of course as anyone who knows me–a nasty upper respiratory infection WILL NOT, I repeat WILL NOT keep me from seeing “My Boys” in Texas.

That’s all from the Park for now…

4 thoughts on “Worth the Effort???

  1. Hello Trixie! It was so much fun watching the #43 drive and stay up front! Wouldn’t it be great to see that team in victory lane before season’s end!

  2. I feel about the same way…both about the race AND about upper respiratory infections. I’ve been battling one off as well. 🙂

  3. Better living through chemistry, I always say. Hope you feel better tomorrow, and hope Tony wins in Atlanta and Texas.

  4. The new computer program stuff is a killer. I’ve been put in charge of the website for work since I have a blog site (oh boy), and I know nothing about the program. I have this High School kid coming in to show me how to run it for volunteer work. Hang in there!

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