Trixie radioed…

I started “The Park” about a year and half ago and it has taken a life of it’s own. I have meet some some great people throughout my tenure. Once again I have encountered another site that has been added to “The Park”.

Check it out…Dale Jarrett’s son, Jason Jarrett, has entered the blogospher with his own blog entitled Full Throttle Living. I think it will be interesting to read his entries. So if you get a chance hop on over and take a gander.

Update…I am feeling much, much better. It is amazing how three days of doing absolutely nothing (as well as prescription drugs) can help me fell better. This stuff should be gone by next Wednesday when I head at to Texas Motor Speedway. If not…I am still going.

That’s all for The Park today…

One thought on “Blogosphere

  1. Hi Trixie…going to TMS, good for you! I journey to Daytona twice a year and have a vroom blast! Love your trailer, I check in daily…

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