The Cows Are In Town

Trixie radioed…

That’s right folks the cows are coming to town this weekend. Who are these cows? Well..most people known them as the Univerity of Texas Longhorns.

My Red Raiders will be hosting the #5 Longhorns at Jones A&T Stadium Saturday night. For those who want to cheer for my Raiders can catch the game on TBS beginning at 6:00 Texas time or 7:00 EST.

Tech is coming off it’s victory over Iowa State last week while Texas pulled one out of the little cow hiney to beat Nebraska last week.

Like A&M, Texas is one of our biggest rivals. We have students right now as I type sitting outside the stadium waiting to get their seat for Saturday night’s game. Let me set the current conditions…it is very cold and windy. It it is in the 40s with a gusty wind thus making it feel like it is in the 30s. Students have already paid for their football admit via a sports fee with their tuition. Not all students will be guranteed a spot in the student section. As an alum it is wonderful to see this kind of passion about our football team. I can’t remember this kind of dedication when I was an undergrad even for a Texas game. (Perhaps I had a few too many back in the day…memory comes and goes). Well, if there was… the local media didn’t cover the story. This game is a SELL-OUT! So I will be delegated to watching the game at home or a local establishment.

Of course I can’t get away from the fact that it is still NASCAR season and the Boys are in Atlanta this weekend. I am still not sure who will be champion at the end of the season. It is the weekend before Halloween and strange doings have been going on over the past few races. So we can probably expect more before all the Smoke clears. I am still hoping Jeff Burton will win the darn thing. If not than anyone else will be fine with me, except for those HMS fellas. I leave for TMS on Wednesday!!!! I am so excited I just can’t contain myself! I just love the smell of racing fuel in the morning!

Good luck to my Red Raiders, my Boys in Atlanta, and I guess the Cowboys. Who knows what will happen on Sunday??? It’s been a crap shoot lately with the Cowboys…too much for this Cowboys fan to handle at the moment. I have my own little soap opera/drama to contend with.


3 thoughts on “The Cows Are In Town

  1. I’m a Cowboys fan too! It’s nice to know some of us are still hanging in there. I’ve been a Dallas fan since I was 5, although I’ve had to add some teams (The Steelers and of course, my new hometown tea, The Panthers) to the list, but the Cowboys are still number one.

    I don’t watch college football, but I’m starting to think maybe I should start…

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