Trixie radioed…

It’s Saturday in Ocotober and we all know what that means…college football. Later today my RED RAIDERS will battle the #5 Longhorns.

While surfing across the cable channels this morning, I came across one of my favorite sport movies. I would have to say it runs a distant second to my all time favorite Hoosiers, but a great movie in my opinion. What movie you might say? That would be “Rudy”.

How can one not like the story. Here is this guy who wanted to play football for Notre Dame. He found a way to live his dream. We should all be so lucky. My favorite scene??? When his teammates go into Coach Devine’s office and place their jerseys on the desk and asking their coach to let Rudy play in their place. It brings tears to my eyes every time. And of course how can you forget his teammates beginning the chant, “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy” and the next thing you know the whole stadium is chanting his name. Then his teammates assure that Rudy will get to play in the game. And there you have it folks, Rudy gets in the game and makes a tackle! Awesome movie! We should all be so lucky to have people who think that highly of you.

I guess I need to see an inspirational story today. I haven’t seen much inspiration lately so maybe this will get me out of my funk. I am hoping a trip to TMS next weekend will revitalize things. I am in the midst of a personal dilemma and either way I will probably come out looking like the bad person. A friend is in town this weekend and I am hoping just visiting with about my dilemma will help. He sometimes has an insight on things that I just can’t explain.

Have a great weekend…good luck to all my football teams and of course My Boys in Atlanta. Tony is going for the IROC championship today in Atlanta. I am hoping he will pull it off. As a Tony fan, this would help ease the pain of Tony not making the Chase.

UPDATE…Tony won the IROC championship today! I love his sticker “Eldora or Bust”. I would love to see the IROC cars race on dirt. How cool would that be? Mark should have gotten out of his IROC car and beat on Ryan N. Lot of bumping goin’ on and three wide racin’. Congratulations to Martin Truex for winning the race.

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