Atlanta on Fire…Well, More Like Smokin’

Trixie radioed…

Atlanta was very kind to Mr. Stewart this weekend.

First he wins the IROC Championship. So does this mean we will get to see the IROC on dirt at Eldora next year??? As we know Tony said he would give back the cool million he won if they would have an IROC race on dirt at Eldora. Should definitely make for some interesting racing.

Second, Tony won the Bass Pro Shops 500 yesterday in Atlanta, Georgia. I was very excited for him. I am hoping he has that kind of weekend in Texas. Did you get a look at the trophy??? How awesome!!! He definitely took a lot of hardware home this weekend. Hope they had room in the hauler for this trophy!

Debris Gate–What was the deal with the “debris” coming from Robby Gordon’s car? Did Robby throw out the debris to cause a caution? Or did it come from under his car? The replay to me wasn’t conclusive. I did however love the how NBC’s Dave Burns went to find Robby to see where the mysterious roll bar foam padding came from. It felt like one of those investigative pieces you see on 20/20 or 60 minutes. They caught him on the side of his hauler and had the bright light shining in his face. He was definitely sporting that “deer in the headlights” look. How appropriate at the Pro Bass Shops 500. Jeff B. was pissed is all I have to say. That’s the best way to describe it. And you know what, I don’t blame him.

To see Kasey interviewed after his meet and greet with Stremme. Note to Stremme…Kasey was taking responsibility for the crash you bonehead. Just go back to your hauler and have a cold one courtesy of your sponsor.

Congrats to Matty! You are still leading the Chase right now with only 3 races left–Texas, Phoenix, and Homestead. I hate the fact that Princess has managed to race his way back into contention. I have never said the boy couldn’t race, but damn I don’t want him to win.

Now for the “You Got Screwed” portion of my post. Once again Mark Martin got screwed. In ended up in a late race meet and greet. It sucks because I really wanted Mark to win yesterday. I think he would have been in contention for the championship, but I don’t see that happening unless the NASCAR gods look down upon “The Crazy Old Man” and sprinkle him with the fairy dust. But as we have seen lately, stranger things have happened. Go luck in Texas Mr. Martin! I know I will be cheering you on!

One final note…I would like to to say thanks to Snowflake, Mr. Lug Nut, and the fellas in the Peanut Gallery (and you know who you are) for helping me yesterday with my class project. If yesterday was any indication of my directorial debut, I will keep my day job. You know how actors can be and I certainly had a couple of them yesterday–he he. I guess that’s what I get for hiring non-union workers. Wait until I get to the editing room.

That’s it from The Park today…

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