Halloween Hell

Trixie radioed…
Before I begin I would like to wish all my readers a very Happy Halloween. Hope you got lots of treats and no tricks!

Postman and I went into one of the local McDonalds this evening to grab a bite to eat before heading home from doing our laundry. We decided to go in and eat, but all that changed when I saw the two hellions having a spit wad fight. WTF!!! I didn’t get the memo about the spit wad fight. If I had known I wouldn’t have come armed.

That’s right my fellow bloggers, these two little male hellions were having a spit wad fight in McDonalds. They were running all over the place. When the nice lady who took our order asked, “Will this be for here or to go, I quickly answered “To Go”. I scanned the place for the parentals hoping they would tell their boys to stop what they were doing, but no such luck. I thought it might have been the lady with the daugther dressed as princess. Nope. And I definitely knew it wasn’t the nice looking family sitting quietly with their 3 children who were behaving how children should behave in public. As they were getting to leave the two hellions nearly took out the oldest daughter dressed in her 50s attire. And that’s when one of the adults that were escorting the two hellions spoke up and I quote, “You two need to slow down or you will run into somebody.”

That’s right. Not stop what you are doing or you will get it. Or stop, sit down, and behave. Nope the father like person, said, “you two need to slow down or you will run into somebody.”

Now my parents did a pretty decent job in raising me. I knew my boundaries and what would happen if I crossed those boundaries. If I had been doing what the two hellions were doing, well…let’s just say there would have been some serious hand to butt communication going on in that McDonalds.

I will be leaving for TMS tomorrow evening for fun in the sun and lots and lots of NASCAR! I am going to gry to get Elliott Sadler’s autograph on Thursday as well as some others. I will probably try to hang out at the Speed stage to see Trackside as well as Race Day. I want one of those orange construction hats. I will buy lots of souvenirs and bring home free crap that I don’t need, but hey it’s FREE! I love the smell of racing fuel in the morning. I don’t know if I will be able to post anything to the Park since I won’t have access to the internet, but I may be able to connect to a wireless system or perhaps Ms. H. would let me use her internet. If not I will be back Monday to regale everyone with photos.

Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Halloween Hell

  1. Trixie…have fun @ TMS! Vroom!

    Regarding spit-wad-gate @ Mickey’s…that’s why the Lord invented tasers (ha)!!

  2. Have fun, and regarding the free stuff, I still have 6 bottles of free Castrol hi-strength cleaner from the 1994 NHRA Spring Nationals in my garage. But then again I came home with almost 30 of them. 12 yrs worth of cleaning in one trip! That’s what I call cost-effective!

  3. I’m sure glad you didn’t say anything mean to my grandkids to hurt our feelings!
    Sorry if they went too fast, we got tired of playing NASCAR so they reverted to those nasty balls.
    You have a nice blog and a neat presentation. Found you, a fellow Texan, on a Cheyenne comment.
    Have fun in Fort Worth. Fords run good there, I’m pulling for any Ford Sunday. My guys aren’t in the point final two.

  4. Update—got Elliot’s autograph and AWESOME photo..plus I was at trackside and probably on tv with my sign…will share wtih everyone when i get back home…

    go tony and elliott!!!

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