Trixie radioed…

Just got back from my weekend at TMS. I am very tired.

Just a few things…

TONY WON!!! I picked him in the side pot with some friends of ours and he won me $75!!! Thanks Tony!!! We both walked away a winner this weekend.

The tribute to Terry Labonte was AWESOME. The folks at TMS did things up right. Thanks for the memories!

Spent lots of money on more NASCAR items, saw people who well…define the word REDNECK and a great time with all my fellow NASCAR fanatics.

I will share lots of pictures and tales once I get some rest.

That’s all from The Park….

3 thoughts on “Tired

  1. You sound like me. I took LOTS of pictures and plan to post them eventually. We didn’t spend much money on souvenirs, though. I started to.

    I kept thinking about you (and being jealous) down in the pits.

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