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I know there is still one race left in the 2006 NASCAR season, but my eyes as well as others have turned to preparing for the 2007 NASCAR season.

Ganassi Racing announced that Juan Pablo Montoya will be in the #42 at Homestead this weekend with Casey Mears running in the #30. This will means Casey will have to qualify on time unlike Juan. Good luck with that Casey and good luck over at HMS.

Since the National Guard will not be the primary sponsor next year for Greg Biffle, Ameriquest (who also sponsored several of his Busch cars) will step up to the plate next year and sponsor his Cup car. Here is a photo of the car paint scheme. And of course Greg will also be getting a new crew chief next year as well. A man by the name of Pat Tryson. I haven’t seen anything about Doug Richert in the mix. Wonder if he will end up somewhere else next year?

I still would like to have seen Mark race for Roush next year in the trucks, but we all know how things are these days. Travis “can I buy a vowel” Kvapil was named the driver of the #6 truck for the 2007 Craftsman Truck Series. I know owners want to keep up with each other, but there have been a lot of things going on over there in that Roush camp. I am still a little upset that Mark won’t be driving for Roush next year, but I can deal with it. Postman not so much. Mark will be taking over the #0 Army over at Ginn Racing (formerly known as MB2 Motorsports) part time and sharing duties with Regan Smith . David Ragan will take over the #6 from Mark.

And how ’bout the Matt Borland deal over at Penske. I guess Matt is no longer in Penske’s
My Circle. Will Matt be with Penske and Ryan Newman next year? My gut feeling says no, but you never can tell.

Jeremy Mayfield will attempt to qualify for the race this weekend at Homestead. Perhaps he will be able to qualify on time this go around. As well know he was fired from his #19 ride over there at Evernham Motorsports. The #19 is currently occupied by Mr. Elliott Sadler. I still believe Jeremy and Ray could have handled it in a more professional manner, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Jeremy will be driving the #36 360 OTC Toyota Camry for Bill Davis Racing next year. He will have to qualify on time beginning next season. Good luck Jeremy.

And this is all before the end of the season. Of course there will be more changes during the off season. I am probably going to need some kind of flow chart or diagram to keep up with this.

That’s all to report from The Park..

5 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Things are goofy at Roush these days, even #17 said so the other day…and he’s the only one keeping his crew chief next year.

    The #6 car should go to McMurray and then dump the #26, reducing to four teams!

  2. I’m starting a rumour, and you heard it … um … read it … here first:

    “Pat Tryson will be with the 88 team next year with Jacques Villenuve driving it. This will all be a further extension of the Rousch/RYR alliance.”

    What does everyone have to say about that? I know I just made this up, but do a search on Villenuve and you’ll find there are still rumours circulating about his presence in NASCAR next year. Let’s see just how far I’m off the mark here.

  3. Thanks for posting, I’ll add you to the blogroll as well.

    Travis “can I buy a vowel” Kvapil…haha, classic.

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