It’s Over…Finally

Trixie radioed…

Here is your 2006 NASCAR Nextel Cup Champion

Even though I am not a Jimmie fan, you have to give him some props. He won the Daytona 500 and Brickyard 400 this year. He started out in the hole early in the Chase and was practically counted out as a contender. He won at Martinsville. He had second place finishes at Texas and Phoenix. And finished 9th today in today’s race at Homestead. He finished 56 points ahead of Matt Kenseth to win his first championship.

I am so glad that Nothing But Commercials or otherwise known as NBC will NOT be covering the races next year. For one, I was already tired of hearing all about Jimmie. It was as if they had already handed the championship to him. Now that he has won we won’t have to hear about how he was always so close but never could get over that hump to win a championship.

Way to go Greg! That makes it three years in a row that you have won at Homestead!

I am looking forward to 2007. I will post later on this week with my favorite and not so favorite moments from 2006.

3 thoughts on “It’s Over…Finally

  1. ‘closet’ JJ fan this season, but you are right, NBC played the ‘hype JJ’ card a little too much especially late in the season.

    just how many times did we have to hear the ‘phone call from Gordon’ story yesterday? i lost count after three.

    and lastly…..
    nice comeback over Okie lite last Saturday!!!

    gets yer guns up and lets go BOWLING!!!!!!!

  2. I notice the commercials every week but this past weekend it seemed three time worse! It was horrible.

    I think ESPN will do such a better job next season, I can’t wait.

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