NASCAR Hits the Big Apple

Trixie radioed…

It is championship week in NYC this week. I haven’t been keeping track of the festivities. For one I am adjusting to a “new job” and all that goes with that and two, I just don’t care right now. I will probably watch the banquet on Friday evening because I have to get my NASCAR fix.

I got another hit tonight to last me to Friday. Postman taped for me several weeks ago an episode of Speed’s Past Champions that was profiling Tony Stewart. It was probably taped right after Tony was his first championship in 2002. It was a short diversion from making sausage balls for an office party and waiting for CSI: NY to come on. And of course as well all know he went on to when the championship in 2005. I have put my coutdown clock in The Park (sorry about the margin).

I too will be “tweaking things” soon. I am working on a few things to revamp the look of The Park. Why not I say? However, I hope I won’t cause as much controversy as the COT or Toyota. Hopefully you will begin seeing the changes this weekend. I have little under 80 days to get things tweaked before the next season starts.

I want to send out a BIG thanks to Ms. H. for showing me GIMP. The results of her efforts will be seen soon here in The Park.

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