The Colts

Coming out of Turn 4…


They say the 3rd time’s a charm and well…it is! This is the 3rd time the Pats and Colts have met in the AFC Championship game. This time, however, they were on the Colts turf.

The Colts came down from 18 points (largest comeback in NFL history in the the Championship game) to beat the New England Patriots..38-34. Get your bags packed Peyton—you’re headed to Miami.

One more note…the Super Bowl will have the first two African American coaches coaching in the Super Bowl.

Oh yea…the Colts will playing the Chicago Bears. The Bears defested the New Orleans Saints…39-14.

3 thoughts on “The Colts

  1. I love both teams (with a special place in my heart for Peyton *heart thumping wildly*). I’ll be cheering for the Bears for a variety of reasons including the Gators’ alums on the team and because I love Da Bears. But, if the Colts win, I’ll be ok, too.

  2. Isn’t three(luvs it)a gr8 number??? Hey Trix, are ya ready for some racin??? I can almost smell the fuel and burnt pistons, hmmmmmmmmm. Have a good, peace. Dawg

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