Tidbits…it’s almost time

Coming out of Turn 4…

I have been a bad blogger of late. There’s been lots happening “off the track” that has needed my attention. First of all Postman’s nephew Pickle will be going through some rough times over the next several months. Pickle’s father is being deployed to Iraq. God Bless Army Medic! Second, my friend Banker lost his grandmother on Tuesday. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family this week. Third, the adoption process is still going strong. Postman and I were told on Tuesday our 8-wk parenting course has been reduced to 4 weeks (class size small and doubling up sessions). This means we could be parents (hopefully) by the end of the year. And finally I would like to congratulate Ms. H on becoming a home owner. I have already made a reservation. Now on to racing….

It has been a busy week in NASCAR. Here are a few highlights.

Kevin H. opens mouth and calls Teresa Earnhardt a “dead beat owner”. I am sure he didn’t mean to put it like this. Even though Postman disagrees with me on this. I think she needs to be more of a visible owner than she currently is.

Another Earnhardt note–Jeffie Poo thinks Junior will leave DEI???

Car of Tomorrow’s first race is Bristol. I guess those in charge of all of this want to see how it does. Nothing like a little beatin’ and bangin’ to get the party started.

Ground breaking on the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte took place yesterday. I can’t wait to see who will be the first class of inductees…all I know there better be a Petty and Earnhardt on that list.

And finally…The Chase. NASCAR announced the “tweaks” on Monday. Let me see if I understand this correctly.

  • 12 drivers
  • 400 point rule gone
  • Bonus points for winning a race
  • Can’t get bonus points for winning until the end of the first 26 races
  • Have to make the Chase in order to “cash in” the bonus points.
  • Top 12 points reset to 5000, given bonus points if applicable, and then are reordered

I am going to watch the 24 Hours of Daytona this weekend. It will get me revvved up for the upcoming season. Good Luck Tony!

Next weekend I will have the Super Bowl. The following weekend after that is the Bud Shootout. And then it all begins!!!!!!

That’s it from The Park…

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