Super Sunday

Coming out of Turn 4…

Magic happened yesterday in Miami, Florida. The Colts put the naysayers to sleep yesterday. For the past several years, those in media have had several discussions regarding Coach Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning. Why couldn’t they win the “Big One” or even if they would win the “Big One” was always a hot topic. I know great players are made and validated with how many “rings” they have on their fingers, but I for one didn’t share their opinion. That’s like saying Mark Martin isn’t a great NASCAR driver becuase he hasn’t won a championship. Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino only went to one Super Bowl during his career. It wasn’t because he wasn’t a good quarterback, there were things at work. It takes a team effort to get to and win the Super Bowl. It was a formidable opponent. Plus he was playing in the era of Montana. Yesterday validated for those naysayers out there regarding the Colts. I always knew they would get. And once they did, they would win it all. They were not going to suffer the same fate as the Buffalo Bills did in the 1990s. To the Bills credit, they did get to four Super Bowls. In two of them, they played against Aikman and The Boys from Big D. I think Manning, Dungee and all the Colts will have a great off season. Once everything settles down, they will able to enjoy this victory. Congratulations Colts!

Now that the “other sport” has finished for the year, I can turn my attention to the real sport–NASCAR. I am looking forward to the 2007 season. They has been quite a bit of goings ons during the offseason. I have very definite and passionate opinions on them from the Car of Tomorrow to Toyota to the Chase changes. I know everyone has their picks on who will be in The Chase and who will eventually win the Championship. I am still doing a little researching. I am reading my press guide, 2007 preview magazines, as well as listening to Sirius NASCAR. I am hoping to have my predicitions sometime next week. I do think there will be some “newbies” in the Chase, but I don’t think it will be a Toyota. I don’t think Toyota will win a race this year. Toyota has been successful in the Truck series, the Cup cars are a whole different ball game my friends. Will Toyota be successful? I think they will but will struggle as they work out the kinks. I think the COT will struggle as well. Which drivers will have the easiest time with the COT? I think the Young Guns may have an easier time at then the Vets. Like with anything, the more you are used to something the more bad habits you have time to develop. Of course, I could be way off here. But like with Toyota time will tell on how successful the COT will be. And please…shouldn’t it be the Car of Today instead of Tomorrow?

Now…we all can look towards Saturday and the Bud Shoot Out. Finally, we are getting this party started. I am getting geared up for the season. I have warned my co-workers as well as my non-NASCAR friends. That’s right people…it starts Saturday! The Bud Shoot Out is my preseason game! For those who haven’t been around me during the NASCAR seat better shut up, get in, buckle up, and hang on. It is a 9 month sport season. That’s 270 days and 36 races, plus an All Star race. I am a fantical NASCAR fan. I wear nothing but NASCAR shirts on the weekend. I eat, drink, and speak NASCAR. Just a note, when you ask me how my driver did on race day, pull up a chair and plan to stay awhile. That’s right…NASCAR SEASON IS HERE!!!

One more note…it was so great to hear from my fellow NASCAR fan–Texas Sadler Fan–from the DFW area. I know she is ready for the season to begin.

To all the visitors who visit The Park…I have all my gear pressed, cleaned and ready to go. Do you?????

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