Coming out of Turn 4…

Congratulations to Robert Yates Racing! They own the front row for the Daytona 500. David Gilliland took the pole for next Sunday’s race and he qualified for next year’s Bud Shootout. Daytona has been kind to Mr. Gilliland. Congratulations!

And how ’bout Ricky Rudd. After taking a year off from the NASCAR circuit, he comes back to Daytona and qualifies 2nd. Way to go Ricky!

Perhaps this will give Robert Yates Racing the momentum to get back to being a competitive race team. Of course this is only the week of the racing season. There is still a lot of racing season to go.

In other news, both Kasey Kahne’s and Matt Kenseth’s qualifying runs from today were not allowed and both will start at the rear of the field during the Dual 150s on Thursday. NASCAR officials found unapproved devices that improved the speeds of the car. There were also problems for Michael Waltrip as well. His manifold was confiscated and there hasn’t been any word whether the car will be allowed to run on Thursday. NASCAR will announce tomorrow if there will be additional penalties and fines.

That’s it from The Park today…have a good one….

2 thoughts on “daYATESona

  1. hi Trixie
    i’ve been enjoying your Nascar blog for a little while now,good to catch up for a rookie like me.
    I would like to put a link on my blog,hope you can do the same,
    I’m doing this crazy thing,car-a-day,
    where i paint/post a car-a-day,following the 2007 racing season,this week is Nascar week(ofcourse)

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