If Can’t Beat ‘Em…Add Stuff

Coming out of Turn 4…

I have allowed myself a few days to take everything in with regards to all this cheating. I know cheating to some is a harsh word, but that’s what it is. When you are an athlete and you try to gain advantage by not following the prescribed rules, that’s cheating to me.

When penalties and fines were handed out on Tuesday, I was not surprised they suspended Robbie Reiser and Kenny Francis. From what I have read it was as serious as the violations Chad Knaus committed last year at Daytona. But I was shocked to see the #10 and #19 crew chiefs sent home as well. I wasn’t aware those two cars were not legal. Both #17 and #9 were penalized and fined for illegal aerodynamic alterations after qualifying. The qualifying times were disallowed and they will have to start at the rear of the field in the Duals. The #10 & #19 received penalties for unapproved modifications to the decklid which were found prior to qualifying. So here is the rundown of the penalties and fines for each team.

Team #17: Docked 50 driver and owner points; Robbie Reiser suspended for four races and fined $50,000.

Team #9: Docked 50 driver and owner points; Kenny Francis suspended for four races and fined $50,000

Team #10: Docked 25 driver and owner points; Rodney Childers suspended for two races and fined $25,000

Team #19: Docked 25 driver and owner points; Josh Browne suspended for two races and fined $25,000

And of course NASCAR handed out more penalties and fines to Michael Waltrip Racing. Michael Waltrip was docked 100 driver and owner points. His qualifying times were disallowed and he will have to race his way into the Daytona 500 in the Duals using a backup car. His crew chief, David Hyder, has been suspended indefinitely and fined $100,000. Plus his VP of competition, Bobby Kennedy was ejected and suspended indefinitely as well.

Now I have been watching all of this with a keen eye. I guess I am kind of a rules girl. I see things black and white when it comes to rules and regulations. Gray is what gets everyone into trouble.

Sorry for not posting before the Duals, which I wanted to do, but I got caught up in some things and couldn’t get away. But here are the results from yesterday’s Duals.
Dual 1: Tony Stewart
Dual 2: Jeff Gordon

I didn’t get to watch the races because I have to earn my keep, but from the radio broadcast the first Dual sounded a heck of lot more exciting than the second one. I did get to catch the first dual on Speed last night when they reran the Duals and I was right…race one was exciting. I fell asleep before the second one aired.

Congratulations to Michael Waltrip for racing his way into the show. I know he needed this for his racing team. Whether or not Michael Waltrip knew what happened in the garage or not is not for me to say. With that said, I think as a the team owner he needs to do something to save face. I think Toyota will stay with MWR, but with the understanding this WILL NOT happen again. Plus I look for some firings to take place. I just think once Michael gets thorough this weekend and has had time to digest everything, people will no longer be working for MWR.

One more thing on the Duals…Jeff Gordon will have to start 42nd on Sunday because his car did not pass post race inspection. I bet he was not very happy and there were some choice words said after the race and behind closed doors. They showed the replay of his move that put him in front and I have to give him some props. Well done Mr. Gordon.

Well…tonight is the truck race, tomorrow the Busch race, and Sunday….well, we all know what Sunday is…

Have a good one..that’s all from the Park for now.

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